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March 2, 2003

Go Ahead, Make Our Day

Standing Tall The American Way

Some people have commented that my schedule for conventions and other visits on the What's New page seems a bit thin compared to most years, and that longer-ranging engagements to places like the West Coast, that I normally manage to fit in, are noticeably absent. Truth is, I've practically stopped flying these days. It has nothing to do with any fear of "terrorists," but the security hysteria at airports that's getting out of hand. I've been so disgusted at the spectacles I've witnessed of the indignities inflicted on American citizens--being ordered around by morons, having to take off their jackets and shoes, turn out their pockets and purses--that I want no part of it. It used to be that when a society felt itself threatened by internal disorder or external attack, its people stood up and defended themselves, and their governments encouraged them to do so instead of treating everyone like criminal suspects (England, 1940; Switzerland through the ages, etc.). Seems to me that the powers today have it totally backward. I'd arm the passengers. Imagine how refreshing it would be to hear as a pre-boarding announcement in the gate area:

"Federal regulations require qualifying adult passengers to carry an approved firearm. If you are not in possession of such an item, we will be pleased to issue one along with your boarding pass. Please return it to the gate agent on arrival at your final destination. Thank you, and have a good flight."

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