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February 23, 2000

AIDS Totalitarianism

The AIDS Inquisition

The following are summaries of several situations occurring not in some future Orwellian nightmare setting that I'm playing with for a book, but right here, right now.
Case A-001 HIV+ mother, asymptomatic. 2 HIV+ children. First child died during AZT treatment. Mother observed same toxic effects of AZT on second child and discontinued treatment. Social services intervened to remove child and force treatment. Court refused to remove child. Child still healthy and asymptomatic.
Case B-001 Mother tested for HIV during pregnancy (pregnancy can be cause of false positive test result). Child born HIV-. Mother refused IV drug treatment during delivery [and] sought to breastfeed. Social services intervened, took custody of child under armed guard on maternity ward and initiated prophylactic treatment . . .
Case B-002 HIV+ mother, asymptomatic, treatment naïve. Mother refused HIV test for newborn, asymptomatic and healthy, concerned about inaccuracy of test and concerned about state-mandated treatment. Court ordered HIV test. Parents fled with child.
Case B-003 HIV+ mother, asymptomatic for 15 years. Refused drug therapy for children. Children removed from mother, placed in foster home, being given drug therapy. Children have begun to exhibit toxic effects of medication, symptoms not previously encountered.
Case C-001 HIV+ mother, asymptomatic, treatment naïve. Mother pregnant, refused prenatal drug therapy for self and unborn child, concerned with toxic effects of AZT on self and fetus. Health department threatened removal of child upon birth to force treatment. Social services at mother's door when water broke and labor began. Mother left home by back door and delivered child in friend's home. Social services threatened police search for mother. Mother left jurisdiction with child, working for menial wages. Child is healthy and asymptomatic.
Case C-007 Mother pregnant with twins; tested HIV+ during routine prenatal screening. Mother healthy, asymptomatic. OB/GYN prescribes prophylactic drug treatment. Mother refuses. Advised by physicians that children will be removed upon delivery and given drug treatment whether or not HIV+ at birth. Mother leaves doctor's care; delivers baby in hiding. Children currently healthy and asymptomatic.

Amendment, May 2, 2004
These cases were taken from the web site of a organization called the International Coalition for Medical Justice, formed to oppose violations of rights by governments and medical agencies, but now defunct.

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