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February 20, 1997

Catastrophic Evolution

Sagan and Velikovsky Book

The next full novel (after BUG PARK) might well be an "Inherit the Stars" kind of treatment dealing with Earth's early history. Among other things, researching it over the last couple of years has left me of the opinion that sudden, catastrophic changes are important too and play a greater role than is usually attributed. Further sources, opinions, comments are invited. The input from those who have gotten in touch already on this is very useful and I'll be following up on it. I have replied directly to each who responded.

FASCINATING BOOK that I came across in connection with the above was CARL SAGAN & IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY by Charles Ginenthal (New Falcon Publications, 1739 East Broadway, Tempe, AZ. 1995. Tel. 602-708-1409). I remember being intrigued by Velikovsky on reading his books as a teenager, and then largely forgot about them when they were ridiculed and dismissed by the orthodoxy. Ginenthal collects together forty years' worth of more recent findings from space missions, astrophysics, planetary astronomy etc. that are consistent with Velikovsky's proposals and flatly contradict what the experts said. 440 pages, with an "Oh my God!" -- for me, anyway--on practically every one of them. Comments welcome.

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