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February 15, 2004

With 'Peace' Like This . . .

Writer Has No Words

I find it pathetic when reading a book to encounter the phrase, "Words cannot describe . . ." It's the writer's job, after all, to find words that do describe. But I confess to coming close this time.

It appears that George Bush and Tony Blair have been nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.

At the same time, antiwar activist Kathy Kelly, a three times nominee for the same prize, is sentenced to federal prison for opposing the war that the other peacemakers started. Story with a link to her account of how she was treated by the arresting officers. Suffice it to say there were no $1,000-a-plate fundraising dinners.

Only in the world of L. Frank Baum and George Orwell, or maybe the Cloud-cuckoo land of Aristophanes.

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