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February 10, 2002

Second-Hand Smoke Facts

Reshaping Reality to Fit the Ideology

Although I'm not a smoker, back in 1998 I posted an item Politics Masquerading as Science siding with smokers against the fraudulent claims and manipulations of data being perpetrated by the EPA and other fundamentalists to make antismoking a moral crusade. Toren Smith sent me details of a site calling itself The Facts, where the shenanigans are finally fully available and posted.

"The EPA ignored more than half of the data. The EPA then doubled their margin of error to come up with their desired results. Even with all this manipulation, the numbers are still far too low to be considered statistically significant".

? Federal Judge William Osteen, writing in his decision to vacate the EPA's report on the effects of "second hand smoke."

The EPA responded by ignoring him and adding it to their "Class A" carcinogens list anyway.

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