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February 1, 2000

Cradle Of Saturn - Further Reading

Some sources on Catastrophism

The scientific ideas in Cradle of Saturn were based partly on the work of Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979). Many readers have asked where they might learn more on this background, or catastrophist views in general. The following sources would provide some good starting material. Following readers’ suggestions, I have asked Jim Baen to add this information at the end of the mass-market paperback edition, scheduled for release in May.

(1) Immanuel Velikovsky's three major works:

Worlds in Collision, 1950
The book that started the whole controversy, identifying the comet of the Exodus as Venus, originating from Jupiter.

Ages in Chaos, 1952
Reexamining ancient history in the light of catastrophic events.

Earth in Upheaval, 1955
The evidence written into the Earth's geological and biological records.

All available from Buccaneer Books, POB 168, Cutchogue, NY 11935

A collection of Velikovsky's unpublished works is available online at www.varchive.org

(2) Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky, by Charles Ginenthal, 1995

Over 400 pages presenting findings from space missions and other recent sources that are consistent with Velikovsky's claims, while contradicting the experts who vilified him. Available from:

New Falcon Publications
1739 East Broadway
Tempe, AZ 85282
Tel: 602-708-1409

(3) Velikovsky and Establishment Science

A comprehensive rejoinder to the publication Scientists Confront Velikovsky, which followed the 1974 AAAS conference. What really went on, earning Velikovsky a standing ovation that the media didn't mention. 144pp. Available from:

Lewis Greenberg
226 Richmond
Deerfield Beach
FL 33442


A journal dedicated to studies of the evidence for global catastrophes in human times, along with such related issues as the ancient historic record, evolution and extinction, the dynamics of the Solar System, methods of chronology and dating. Normally 4 issues per year of typically 100-120 pp. each, with occasional special-topic issues. Editor-in-Chief: Charles Ginenthal.

Some titles from recent issues:

"Comparing Magnetic Fields: Neptune and Uranus," by Charles Ginenthal
"Velikovsky's 'The Dark Age of Greece,'" by Clark Whelton
"Puzzles of Prehistory," by Roger W. Wescott.
"Revisiting Venus's Heat," by George R. Talbott.
"The Emerging Revision of Ancient History: Recent Research," by Martin Sieff
"The Origin of Craters on the Moon and Large Lunar Boulders," by Charles Ginenthal
"Thales: The First Astronomer," by William Mullen
"Ocean Sediments, Circimpolar Muck, Erratics, Buried Forests, and Loess as Evidence of Global Floods," by Charles Ginenthal
"Phobos and Deimos," by Lynn R. Rose
"Shattering the Myths of Darwinism," by Richard Milton
"The Relevance of the Velikovsky Scenario to the Homeric Question," by Hugo Meynell

Inquiries to:

Charles Ginenthal
Ivy Press
65-35 108th St.
Forest Hill
NY 11375
Tel: 718-897-2403

(5) AEON

A journal of myth, science, and ancient history, frequently exploring theories of different early Solar System configurations. Information at: www.aeonjournal.com

or from

Ev Cochrane
601 Hayward
IA 50014
E-mail ev@aeonjournal.com


Biannual catastrophist journal providing articles and papers on a wide range of related topics, books sources and reviews, and digest of Internet coverage.

Inquiries to:

The Membership Secretary, SIS
10 Witley Green
Darley Heights, Stopsley

Web: http://www.knowledge.co.uk/xxx/cat/sis
E-mail SIS@knowledge.co.uk

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