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February 6, 2005

Scientific Revolution Ahead?

Multi-disciplinary Newsletter Available Online

New insights to the fundamentally electrical nature of the Universe that were unknown in the days of Newton and Laplace, when the basis of the conventional wisdom taught today was laid down, promise a revolution in scientific thinking in the century ahead. Some of the subjects being studied under what some believe is destined to become a new cosmological paradigm include:

  • Radically different planetary configurations in comparatively recent times
  • The Earth as an escaped satellite of Saturn
  • Surface features of Solar System bodies shaped by colossal electrical discharges rather than impacts
  • Celestial events witnessed by ancient peoples recorded in their myths, religions, and art forms
  • Electrical, not thermonuclear, model of the Sun

Investigating such theories has prompted an interdisciplinary discussion, with issues ranging from celestial dynamics and planetary geology to the origins of ancient languages and the birth of civilization in the wake of cosmic catastrophe. The Kronia Group provides a lively and informative forum for debate on these and related topics, and puts out a newsletter, Thoth, available free of charge (no pun intended) to anyone interested in such matters. To get an idea of the range of subjects addressed, click here for a list of back issues with contents headings.

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