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December 28, 2004

Anthropology Wars

The Establishment Strikes Back

Last March, I posted a piece on a fascinating book by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson entitled Forbidden Archeology, that presents a wealth of compelling evidence suggesting that humans indistinguishable from those living today existed long before conventional evolutionary theory allows. This evidence was known to professionals and enthusiasts a century ago, but has since disappeared from classes and textbooks. The Scientific Orthodoxy reacted with ridicule, threats, intimidation, and the flagrant application of double standards to reject evidence that would have been accepted without question if it supported the approved preconceptions. When NBC featured Forbidden Archeology in its 1996 program The Mysterious Origins of Man, hosted by Charlton Heston, scientists lobbied the FCC and demanded that NBC be fined for daring to air this controversial material.

In 1998, Cremo published a follow-up volume, Forbidden Archeology's Impact, which details the campaign that was launched against the first work, and collects together the pertinent allegations and correspondence, along with his point-by-point responses. An inside look at how mainstream science reacts when what has become an incontestable dogma is challenged. Forbidden Archeology's Impact, Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, 1998

An interview with Michael Cremo is featured at B.I.P.E.D., which describes itself as the "Website of Darwinian Dissent." I'm not sure that I buy into all the topics that are listed, but it's a good starting point for references to the various kinds of material that are out there.

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