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December 24, 2000

Making A Better World Through Environmentalism

Self-Inflicted problems.

Apparently electricity in California is getting so unreliable and expensive that firms are taking to generating their own - and not through windmills and other toys. Well, that's what you get from legislating energy out of existence for the last 20 years.

In February 2000, I posted an item on the myths surrounding the banning of DDT back in the '70s for being perhaps the single most effective savior of human lives in recorded history. Recently, Andrew Millard sent me the item below. It makes me wonder how many problems that people are getting hysterical about today were created by the hysterias of yesterday. Sounds like a self-perpetuating business.

Worthy cause: "'Sign On, Save Children's Lives from Malaria!' Urges New Global Health Coalition" - "November 29 2000 -- Save Children from Malaria Campaign has launched a worldwide Internet petition drive (www.fightingmalaria.org) to help save children and pregnant women from the ravages of malaria through the limited use of DDT. According to the World Health Organization, malaria affects some 500 million people each year and kills up to 2.5 million annually, amounting to one child every 30 seconds. "Malaria is surging worldwide, killing children and their mothers in Africa, Asia and Latin America in skyrocketing numbers," said Dr. Roger Bate, chairman of the Save Children from Malaria Coalition. "We are asking that DDT continue to be used in homes to drive out mosquitoes and protect innocent lives." (FightingMalaria.org)

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