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December 22, 1999

Nuclear, MM&E Essay

Know Nukes

I received the following from a reader, concerning the essay "Know Nukes," included in the the short fiction/nonfiction collection Minds, Machines & Evolution, a Baen Books December, 1999 re-release, originally published by Bantam in 1988.

I was so impressed by Know Nukes that I wrote a short 5-Star review at Amazon.com today before I finished the book. I rarely discuss nuclear power with anyone, because nobody wants to listen to the facts. I worked my way through college at General Atomics in San Diego back in the 60s, and learned so much from the real experts.

P.S. La Mesa, California

Those interested in the side of the story that the public doesn't often get to hear will also find, among other things, that:

Chernobyl compares to Western reactors about as closely as the Hindenburg to the Goodyear Blimp.

For nuclear power to be as dangerous as coal burning would require a meltdown somewhere every two weeks.

Grand Central Station emits too much radiation to get a license as a nuclear plant.

If all electricity in the U.S. were nuclear generated, the increased health risk to the population would be equivalent to raising the speed limit by six thousandths of one mile per hour.

The totally new technologies offered by the harnessing of nuclear processes make its role comparable to that of electricity in the 19th century.

Click for further information on the complete book.

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