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December 17, 1997

Green Gestapo

More Environmentalist Lunacies

Three items from the March/April, 1997 issue of a newsletter that someone brought to my attention:

"Wake-Up Call America"
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  • A self-employed truck mechanic in Pennsylvania removed 7,000 used tires and assorted rusting auto parts from his land, left by the previous owner. The resulting violations charged by the EPA landed him with a three-year jail sentence and fines totaling $202,000. The water contained in the decaying tires and rusty holes in the ground qualified the area as a protected "wetland." The mechanic was a Hungarian who had fled communist bureaucratic tyranny in 1956.
  • An employee of a California construction company accidentally spilled one barrel of oil on an empty lot. Over a dozen government agencies commenced investigations, that grew to involve hundreds of investigators. The owner of the company admitted that he got exasperated and very angry. So the commissars decided to make an example of him. The imposed fines totaled over $20 million, forcing the business to close.
  • A community in California was declared a protected habitat for the vampire spider. The vampire spider doesn't even belong there but was accidentally released after being brought back from Venezuala. It is venomous, and a single bite can be fatal to an adult. However, it's illegal to kill one. More valuable, presumably, than American children.
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