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December 1, 2000

New Scientific Open Publishing Medium

An alternate outlet for publishing

After reading Cradle of Saturn, the editor of MartianusCapella contacted me to draw my attention to this new online metajournal that has been created to open up academic publishing by fostering the free expression of new ideas and theories in all fields of inquiry..

Part of the Mission Statement reads:
In recent years, many academics, particularly scientists, have expressed dissatisfaction with the peer-reviewed journal system of publication. While it does an admirable job of ensuring quality scholarship in most cases, the system does have its problems. Namely:

  • The peer review process is very time-consuming, which delays the release of information and slows the advance of research and debate.
  • Researchers are generally restricted to publishing only within their own field and cannot easily contribute to interdisciplinary studies. This contributes to fragmentation in research and reduces synthesis.
  • Lack of physical space in journals, which limits the number of papers than can be published at any given time.
  • The power of peer review is concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of people, who may or may not be willing to publish work that challenges currently accepted theory.

Papers have begun arriving, and new contributions are being sought. Those curious or perhaps interested in finding an alternate outlet for publishing accounts of their work can visit the site at www.MartianusCapella.com.

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