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November 24, 2004

Moon Mysteries

It's Tough Being So Far Ahead Of The Game

Kim Sommer sent me a reference to a piece at Slashdot entitled, "Titan's Smooth Surface Baffles Scientists" (See also another at Wired).

I replied that I didn't think it was actually the surface. The Taloids have created a Bozone Layer to protect themselves from the stupidity being radiated by the rest of the universe.

And now Jim Rix sends me a reference to an item at Space Daily on the discovery that there are strange lumps under the surface of Ganymede. No reports yet, as far as I'm aware, of strange gravitational waves arriving from the fringes of the Solar System. So maybe they should hold off for a while before starting to build that chalet village outside Geneva.

(Those who don't know what I'm talking about need to spend more time in bookstores. In particular, check Code of the Lifemaker and The Gentle Giants of Ganymede.)

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