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November 7, 1997


A Reader Sends Thanks

Getting letters like this is one of the perks that makes being a writer all the more worthwhile. I thought I'd share it.

Subject: Thanks.
From: "IH"

Mr. Hogan, after visiting your web page it occurred to me that I owe you a word of thanks, and this is the perfect medium to offer it. I was born and grew up in Cuba, and Spanish was my only language until I came to the US in 1976. Before coming here I read everything I could get my hands on, and with a communist government in Cuba that was usually limited to non-enligsh writers. Fortunately the government allowed the writings of Isaac Asimov to be published (in Spanish, of course, and probably because of his Russian name), and after reading Asimov I was hooked on science fiction.

After I came to this country I dedicated all of my time to learning English, and naturally my reading science fiction gradually diminished. It wasn't until 1980, when after graduating from high school and while working at a Florida mall I ran into a bookstore and drifted over to the science fiction section. The very first book I saw was a paperback edition of your book "Inherit the Stars", with its wonderful cover art (titled "The One Who Stayed Behind", I think). I picked up the book, read the synopsis, and was hooked. I forgo buying lunch that day and instead bought your book. Eventually I stayed up most of the night, and finished it. Naturally I immediately went out and bought every other James P. Hogan book I could find (too few, as far I am concerned). And since that day I went back to my previous reading schedule of one or two books a week, again mostly science fiction, and now in an entirely new language!

Again Mr. Hogan, thanks. Your writing challenged me and helped teach me a new language, and through the years each new book of yours has brought me a lot of pleasure. Keep writing and take care of yourself. Thanks.

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