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October 29, 1997

Access To Energy



"Access to Energy" is a great source of facts and comment on current energy and related political matters, started 21 years ago by the late Dr. Petr Beckmann, and now taken over since 1993 by Dr. Arthur Robinson. Describing itself as "Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise," it staunchly promotes the case for nuclear as the only viable energy option for the next century and exposes the fallacies, illogic, and political ideology masquerading as science that underlies the line the public is constantly bombarded with. Available from:

Access to Energy
Box 1250
Cave Junction
OR 97523

Some items covered in the October, 1997 issue:

  • Why the popular notions of an "information age" constituting the basis of a "post-industrial society" is nonsense if the world is to maintain or further improve its living standards.
  • The lethal consequences of energy rationing that would result from political agendas currently being vigorously promoted.
  • Truths about myths concerning synthetic chemicals and cancer. Why such widespread beliefs as,

    "Cancer rates are soaring"
    "Environmental synthetic chemicals are and important source of human cancer"
    "Reducing pesticide residues is an effective way to prevent diet-related cancer."
    "Synthetic chemicals pose greater carcinogenic hazards than natural chemicals"
    "Regulation of low, hypothetical risks is effective in advancing public health"

    . . . are all false.

  • Why the latest harebrained scheme for replacing gasoline would have us all driving vehicles the size of tractor trailers to carry the fuel, which would be 1000 times the price.
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