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October 16, 1997

Japanese Club & Web Site

The J.P. Hogan Society

This is the letter that received concerning the Japanese SF club mentioned on the WHAT'S NEW PAGE:

Subject: link to your Home page
Date: 05-Sep-97 at 19:48
From: y_saito@generalworks.com,

Dear Mr. Hogan

This is the first time to write to you. I am a Japasense SF fan and particluary loves your novels since the Giants Trilogy. Currently I am organizing a SF fan club "General Works" with my friends and maintaining own hompepage. (Forgive us. It's currently only in Japanese.) http://www.generalworks.com/

The reason why I write to you is to inform you of our new homepage which discusses mainly of your works from your fans' point of view in Japanese. That name is J.P.HOGAN SOCIETY. It was just opened today. http://www.generalworks.com/hogan/index.html

When I found your own homepage, I was so excited because it was something that I had been looking for so long. However, as far as I know, there has been no Homepage dedicated to your works by fans either in English or Japanese. It is sorry for me because there should be so many your fans in the world and many of them must be using Internet. So I decided to open J.P.HOGAN SOCIETY by ourselves.

Could you kindly advise us if you have any conditions for such homepage which may quotes and refers your name, hompepage and works. We have designed the contents not to infringe your intellecutal property wrights, but if there any, please let us know. For example, we have used "today stars tomorrow galaxies" taken from "Inherit the stars" in our homepage title image.

Your kind consideration would be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Yoshiaki Saito General Works

We will be having a permanent link into the General Works site for Japanese-speaking readers. I particularly liked the suggestion in the third paragraph that there ought to be something similar among the English-speaking people of this world.

For those who might be interested in getting involved in organizing something, I'd be happy to put you in touch with each other.

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