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October 15, 1999

AIDS -- Action On The Legal Front At Last

Letter from Dr. Murray


The following letter by by Dr. Robert G. Murray, MD, was published in the Journal of the Missouri Bar: vol. 55 (4), pp. 233-234 (1999), and was posted on-line in The New Reappraising-AIDS Discussion List, to which I subscribe. (Recommended for anyone interested in the other side of what's going on regarding this subject, which I believe will one day be revealed as one of the great medical and scientific disasters of the twentieth century. For subscription details, contact Joe Finocchiaro at jmf@i1.net)

It is reproduced here with Dr. Murray's kind permission.

Dear Editor: This information is respectfully submitted to the presiding judges in our Missouri courts and to our state attorneys in hope that a current medical legal issue will be better understood. In recent years, various municipal and state agencies in the U.S.A. have taken it upon themselves to use court orders to force highly toxic antiviral treatments on HIV positive newborns and minor children often over the objections of parents. Resistance is dealt with by threatening to take custody of the child and give it one or more of the nucleoside analogs or with a protease inhibitor. These tactics do not work on an adult or a pregnant woman though the latter will probably be subjected to intense intimidation to accept HIV treatment where mandatory HIV testing prevails. These court ordered treatments of minors have led to the formation of a new legal group, the International Coalition for Medical Justice, Inc., based in Culpeper, Virginia. In their first month I.C.M.J. accepted 42 cases nationally to defend and they are averaging six frantic calls a week asking for legal help. They hope to have an attorney in every state in the near future. Americans are slowly beginning to realize that HIV, in spite of its name, does not cause immune deficiency nor the 30 various AIDS diseases. No scientific study has ever proven that it does. Recent surveys show that 97-100% of American AIDS occurs in chronic street drug and narcotic users, the newborns of drug abusing mothers and patients on anti-HIV therapy. Many patients have learned, some the hard way, that the antiviral drugs are highly toxic and often fatal while others have found that no treatment whatsoever is necessary for healthy survival with HIV. We have many experiments on HIV positive humans under the guise of treatments that solidly prove that antiviral drugs are what are causing patient sickness and deaths. Toxic effects depend on a drug, its dosage and duration of exposure to it. Examples: Kris Chmiel in Colorado was mandatorily tested because she was pregnant. She had been on AZT for ten months when 3TC was added and she immediately became ill. Two months later she stopped all medications and expected to die of AIDS, but her recovery began in the next few days. Kathleen Tyson, during pregnancy, became sick immediately on AZT and a protease inhibitor, four weeks later stopped all medications and recovered rapidly. Her infant son, Felix, was on AZT under court order against the wishes of the Tysons. Lindsey Nagel, now a healthy eight-year-old, was on AZT for 22 months as an infant, could not gain weight normally and developed extreme leg cramps which had her screaming every night. Her steady recovery began two days after the AZT was stopped. Valerie Emerson lost her four-year-old daughter, Tia, from AZT and had to go to court to keep the older child from being forced to take it. Six-year-old Candice Simon, from the same Minnesota town as Lindsey Nagel, did not survive her AZT "therapy" either. AZT was quickly abandoned in 1965 when it produced severe side effects and laboratory animal deaths in pilot studies while searching for a new cancer treatment. AZT patents were not sought until the FDA approved it in 1987 for treating HIV, and it produces the same results in humans today that it did in the original studies. Videx (ddI) and Epivar (3TC) are noted for their ability to produce acute pancreatitis and acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis has an approximate 50% human fatality rate. All the nucleoside analogs act the same way by blocking not only viral reproduction but also the reproduction of normal dividing cells. Protease inhibitors block a wide variety of normal enzymes and produce bizarre fat deposits, heart attacks, organ failures, extreme wasting of extremities, strokes and very high blood cholesterol levels. It is sincerely hope that our judges and attorneys will realize that these drugs are poisons not cures and that HIV requires no treatment for a patient's healthy survival.


Robert G. Murray, M.D. (ret.)
Rt. 1 Box CB-73-D
Climax Springs, MO 65324


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3. P.D.R. (Physician's Desk Reference) see in the blue section under "antivirals" and "protease inhibitors" for precautions, contraindications and listed side effects.

4. Reappraising AIDS, 7514 Girard Ave., #1-331, La Jolla, CA 94110 (over 2,000 members internationally since 1991, many are researchers, professionals and a few Nobel prize winners. Monthly bulletins on a variety of related topics.) These include the case histories presented in this letter.

July 1998, Kris Chmiel story

Oct. 1998, Emerson v. State of Maine (District Court)

Jan. 1999, Emerson v. State of Maine (State Supreme Court) (her appeal upheld by both courts)

Mar 1999, Tyson v. State of Oregon (Lane County Juvenile Dept.) (infant left in parent's custody be required to take AZT)

5. Textbook of Medicine by Cecil & Loeb (W.B. Saunders & Co.)

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