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October 6, 2001

Darwinism Doubts

More Skepticism From Within Science

Twenty years ago I was an unquestioning believer in Darwinian evolution, writing aggressive articles in its defense and endorsing it through the mouths of such characters as Professor Christian Danchekker of Inherit the Stars and the Giants series. What started me on the road to the second-thoughts I have these days was reading Australian biologist Michael Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1986). On the shelf of books I've amassed since on the subject, it's amazing how many of the authors attribute their first questioning to this same book.

A good review of Denton's book, and also of another in similar vein, Darwin's Black Box, by Michael Behe, Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, appears in Robert Locke's section of www.godandscience.org/evolution/, August 20, 2001. Or you can go straight to the page at www.godandscience.org/evolution/locke.html

The opening paragraphs are given below:

The Scientific Case Against Evolution

A Review of Michael Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis & Michael J. Behe's Darwin's Black Box

I AM NOT A CREATIONIST, and must confess that until recently, I treated people who questioned evolution with polite dismissal. But there has recently emerged a major trend in biology that has been suppressed in the mainstream media: evolution is in trouble. More importantly, this has absolutely nothing to do with religion but is due to the fact that the ongoing growth of biological knowledge keeps producing facts that contradict rather than confirm evolution. Two recent books - Michael Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis and Michael J. Behe's Darwin's Black Box - describe this phenomenon.

The first surprising thing Denton points out is that there has always been a dissident faction of highly distinguished scientists, of impeccable credentials and no religious motivations, who have declined to concede that evolution has been proved. This is inconvenient for evolutionists who would like to dismiss their opponents as Bible-thumping hicks and claim that questioning evolution is tantamount to questioning the value or validity of science. . . .

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