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September 25, 1999

Feds Out Of Control?

Who's to Watch the Watchers?


From Doug Fiedor's newsletter Heads Up, September 12, 1999 #151

Free Republic is a pro-Constitution and anti-corruption web site. We feel that, over the last century and a half, the federal government has illegally usurped power from the states and the people. . . . The framers feared an over-powering central government and so designed a system with three separate, but equal, branches with checks and balances to prevent usurpation and corruption. The Founders then left most of the responsibility and power for legislating and enforcing criminal law with the states. The Waco tragedy is a prime example of an out-of-control government at its worst. . . . The Constitution was not intended to give the federal government the power to write laws restricting the people's use of arms, tobacco and drugs; much less the power to maintain an armed police agency such as the BATF.

[NOTE: When the federal government wanted to prohibit intoxicating liquors, in 1918, they did it the correct way: by passing an Amendment to the Constitution authorizing federal regulation. No such Constitutional Amendment yet exists for federal regulation of personal firearms, tobacco or drugs. Therefore, the federal government has no such authority-- ed.]

Using the military in the enforcement of civilian law is also prohibited. Thus, the illegal warrant should never have been written or approved, a federal police force should never have been used to serve it, the military should never have been used to enforce it and the federal government has no Constitutional power to legislate or enforce laws of this nature in the state of Texas. . . .

We "right-wing wackos" on the Internet have known all this for years and we are trying to get the word out to the people that the government and their wholly owned propaganda arm (otherwise known as the major media) have been brainwashing the American people for years. Every agency of the government uses propaganda to justify and expand their illegal powers and control over us and to cover-up their own influence peddling, crime and corruption. . . . Our interest has not been revived nor opinions vindicated with recently published Waco information. We have never lost sight of the truth.

What we are now is more determined than ever to get these illegal powers, laws and agencies repealed, abolished, rescinded and/or shut down forever -- and to restore our Liberty and faith in our Constitutional form of government.

Wander over to Free Republic and look around. The site can be a bit overwhelming at first. But, as a repository for current information from many sources, it is unprecedented. The well written "help" section will walk you through any problems you may have maneuvering in the web site. http://www.freerepublic.com

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