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September 23, 1999

Untapped Energy From Hydrogen?

Catalyzed Hydrogen Engines

Dr. Randell Mills, founder of Blacklight Power Inc., claims that the hydrogen atom possesses energy states below the conventionally defined "ground" state, which cannot be attained by the normal radiative process of spontaneous photon emission, but which can be catalyzed. Apparently they account for hitherto unexplained spectral lines in the solar and interstellar spectra. Energy release is in the order of 100 to 1000 times that of combusting hydrogen with oxygen, which puts intermediate between chemical and nuclear. The company reports successful experimental verification and imminent commercial exploitation. From an earlier stage of development, an extensive interview with Dr. Mills was featured in Vol.3, No.17 of Infinite Energy magazine, 1997-98.

The exhaust from the process is a shrunken form of hydrogen atom that Mills calls a "hydrino," which percolates away, inert and totally non-hazardous. This means it could be used to power pollution-free cars that could be left running all the time without choking up the planet. Now imagine a catalyzed hydrogen engine driving a generator which feeds an electric drive system. (Electric motors have great things going for them, but the problem is storing the electricity. With this approach it goes away.) Now, every citizen owns not only a vehicle but a highly efficient, mobile generating system. So instead of being stuck with a $20,000-$30,000 capital investment that spends most of its time deteriorating and depreciating in driveways and parking lots, when you're not using it to go anywhere you leave it plugged into the grid and get credited for the power. Since we're talking about efficiencies and energy densities appropriate to high-performance automobiles, this sounds like something that really could work, unlike the unrealistic ideas about solar that keep getting repeated. The figures in the interview suggest that the typical car could earn around $10,000 per year. Maybe that's a viable decentralized way for a nation of a couple of hundred million people to generate the power it needs, with the utilities essentially becoming redistribution agencies.

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