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September 16, 2002

Common-Sense Science

Interesting Publication Brings a New Perspective

A publication called The Journal of Common Sense Science would probably interest many of the people that I hear from. It's produced by a group of scientists who feel that the foundations of science as taught today have departed from the principles and rigor that accounted for past successes, and presents an alternative model more consistent with observed facts, derived on the basis of what common sense says reality should surely be.

The following extracts are from the web site at commonsensescience.org.

What is Common Sense Science and why is it needed?

Scientific Method
Progress in understanding the physical world accelerated when men like Galileo, Newton, Faraday and Maxwell began to study nature and look for order and principles to explain what they saw . . . They sought for truth, and insisted that a scientific assertion must be in full agreement with the observed and measured facts . . .

Electromagnetic Nature of the Universe
A hundred years ago most scientists would have been of the opinion that the universe was primarily electromagnetic in nature. This was due to the astounding successes that had been made in the field of electrodynamics by Ampere, Faraday, Gauss, Maxwell and others in explaining a great deal of natural phenomena.

New Science Theories Introduced
At the turn of the century, many new phenomena were discovered . . . in such a short time frame that scientists were unable to modify the electromagnetic theory fast enough to adequately explain them. As a result, the new theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, the theory of the atom, and elementary particle theory were introduced to supplement what had not been explained by electromagnetic theory.

Problems With the New Scientific Theories.
Mathematics replaced physical models of matter.
Postulates that violated known laws of electrodynamics were adopted.
Cause and effect relationships were replaced with random chance events.
New force laws were required and invented to make the new theories of matter work.

Common Sense Science Emerges
To correct the these deficiencies in modern physics, the CSS scientists independently returned to the Scientific Method to develop fundamental theories of the elementary particles, atoms and the forces between these objects. Today, CSS scientists have provided credible models of matter based on the common sense principles of reality, causality and unity, and they are confident that fundamental beliefs about reality can be integrated with a scientific approach that yields a consistent approach to life.

One of the most interesting propositions, I found, was the representation of elementary particles as spinning charged rings, which accounts for many experimental results more adequately than conventionally accepted models. As antenna engineers appreciate, an object has to possess physical extent in space to absorb energy, which the conventional point-particle electron doesn't have. This was appreciated as far back as 1915. Development of the alternative theory appears to lead to a more satisfying view of reality reflecting the underlying electromagnetic nature of the universe.

Subscription and other information: Common Sense Science Inc., POB 767306, Roswell, GA 30076-7306. E-mail: d.bergman@mindspring.com, Tel: 770-619-1878

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