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January 22, 2004


Cui Bono?

The official line on the events of September 11, 2001, has never seemed even remotely plausible to me. That the authorities could have been taken completely by surprise on the one hand, and then begin naming suspects within hours is absurd. It had all the feelings of a pre-prepared cover story waiting in the wings to be wheeled on-stage. The "clues" trotted out subsequently to support it showed all the sophistication of an end-of-year school play and would have insulted the intelligence of an imbecile. The actions of the Government, who should have the greatest interest in uncovering the facts on behalf of the people it's supposed to represent, are characterized by an unseemly rush to have the evidence removed and destroyed, unending deceptions and contradictions, along with flagrant concealment of information and the blocking of meaningful investigation. What's going on, involving whom, and why?

One of the most comprehensive introductory accounts I've come across that asks the questions the media should be demanding answers to, and traces all the sordid connections and motives is by Walter E. Davis in Physics911.org. Complete with a long list of further sources and references.

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