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September 5, 2001

Recent Catastrophism

Even More Fantastic

I've recently finished what I found to be some of the most exciting reading that I've come across for years. A two-part work, Volume 1, Firmament, and Volume 2, Chaos (former combined title: Dance of the Planets), by Angiras extends the interpretation of ancient myths as records by non-technical people of cosmic events that they witnessed to more fantastic lengths than anything imagined even by Velikovsky himself.

Based on a new reading of the Hindu Vedas and Puranas, perhaps the most ancient writings known, Angiras throws a new light on accounts of deities and events that have baffled scholars for centuries. The basic theory follows the line of Venus originating as a white-hot plasma body fissioned from Jupiter, but then departs from Velikovsky's identification of proto-Venus as the object responsible for the happenings at the time of the Exodus. According to this scenario, Venus happened a lot earlier, and what brought on the Egyptian woes etc. was part of a later series of events involving a resonant, repeating pattern of encounters between Earth, Venus, and Mars that persisted for almost 3,000 years. During these cycles, Mars and Earth became gravitationallly locked in a contact binary configuration lasting for about fifteen years at a time. During these periods, Mars hung stationary above northern India, appearing 20 times the size of the Moon in the sky. Its surface details and the calamitous crustal upheavals, volcanic ejections, and atmospheric disruptions brought about by Earth's tidal influence were plainly visible. This is what the Vedic peoples were trying to describe.

Firmament covers events on ancient Earth, offering new interpretations of mythologies from Egypt, the Middle East, and China as well as India. Chaos examines the physical evidence found written in abundance across the Solar System today. The many subjects covered include:

  • Venus's origin and characteristics consistent with a young, recently hot object
  • Early encounters with Earth and the creation of Earth's desert belt.
  • Why Mars was truly the "God of War"
  • Identification of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Zeus, Atlas, and Romulus
  • The devastation of Mars in recent times, and what happened to its oceans and atmosphere
  • Origin of the near-Earth asteroids
  • Explanation of cycles of Middle East destruction and flooding, archeological and geological deposits, widespread construction of flood defenses.
I obtained hardcopy versions via Barnes & Noble. However, Firmament and Chaos, are available for download free at www.firmament-chaos.com.

From the author's announcement: ". . . if you take time to read them, you will, at the very least, realize that the currently accepted view of the recent past of the Earth and the planets is still a wide open question, and those with an open mind will realize that catastrophism has been a major factor in the recent past, indeed, in the presence of modern man on the Earth. This is not light stuff. But it is worth the effort."

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