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August 26, 1998

Nice To Be Appreciated

Reader Letter


Here's another of those letters that help make writing more than just another job. I particularly liked the bit about counting more than a ton of technical books and seminars--which I remember as one of the more excruciatingly boring aspects of the times I worked for corporations. Perhaps they could all do themselves a favor by getting rid of those typed overheads with buzz-words that no-one past the front row can read anyway, and those repetitive slides that get addressed in a monotone while the audience glazes over, and invest in s.f. novels instead. I figure that a case or two per high-tech corporation would work wonders for my royalty statements.


I have read your books since "Inherit the Stars" when I was in Junior High School and I have addicted to hard science ever since. Over the years I have read your books and used them as a source of enthusiasm for my interest in science and engineering. It really helped me get through some of my undergraduate days when I felt discouraged.

Finally today, I am a hardware design engineer, having come through to it the long way and am still reading your books. I focus in network communications and am with Fore systems, prior to this I was working on public crypto systems with another networking company. Maybe I picked up a subconscious impression of the importance of communications from "Navcomm's" in one of your books.

Anyway, thanks for all those years of enthusiasm. IMHO it counted a lot more than a ton of technical books and seminars. I doubt I would have persisted in engineering without them. Please keep the "hard science" aspect of your books. I like it so much more than the sheer fantasy aspects of other science fiction writers.



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