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August 20, 1998

Up For Grabs

Vote yourself a piece of USA

In "Global Influences on American Farming" (eco*logic 42, January/February 1998, available from PO Box 191, Hollow Rock, TN 38342), Henry Lamb reports that all 171 of the nations represented at the Kyoto Climatic Change Convention can, by a 3/4 vote, change the carbon dioxide emission levels to be permitted. Yet 136 of these counties, or 80%, are not affected themselves, since they have not agreed to any reductions at all. So 80%, in effect, get to decide the limits on energy use that will result in the transfer of heavy industry out of the 20% and into the 80%.

The 80% include China, India, Mexico, and other large nations, as well as others with populations less than that of Rhode Island--all with an equal vote in deciding how much of the U.S. to redistribute.

There may be good reasons of fairness, justice, or simple humanitarianism for spreading the world's industries more equitably. But if so, the case should be argued on those values, not on scaring and misleading the public with misinformation dressed up as science. Ultimately, the real victim can only be real science, as it loses its credibility and constituency.

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