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August 16, 1999

Outward Bound & "Jupiter" Series

Some Confusion

A lot of people seem to have liked Outward Bound, which is nice. However, I've received a number of queries asking what the other titles are from people who apparently think the entire series is something by me.

Just to clear this one up, the Jupiter series, published by Tor Books, was conceived by Jerry Pournelle and Charles Sheffield as a line of upbeat, hard-science, space adventure intended for young-adult readers, in the style that Robert Heinlein and others made popular in the fifties and sixties. It's not a series by me specifically, nor a "shared world", where different writers contribute stories set against a common background. Outward Bound is the only title of mine in the series at present.

I have suggested to Tor that this be made clearer in future releases, and that a list of previous titles should be included.

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