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August 2, 1999

Next Titles?

Reader Opinions Invited

A lot of the mail that I've been getting asks about sequels. It seems that readers like to find themselves back in familiar settings as much as writers enjoy creating them. So I thought I'd invite a wider polling of views on thought to be giving to the next project. The specific requests that I get are:

GIANTS SERIES (Inherit the Stars; The Gentle Giants of Ganymede; Giants' Star; Entoverse)

Requests for another in the series have been coming in ever since Entoverse (1991). The two possibilities that have been suggested most often are:

  • Koriel's story. Telling of the group of Lunarians who were stranded on the Moon after it was orphaned from Minerva, made it to Earth, and after a period of reversion to primitivism became the founders of the human race.
  • Something set on the planet Minerva, showing life there and the conditions leading up to the final cataclysmic war.

Now, to me, a genuine sequel means continuing to share the experiences of the characters we have come to know. In this context that would mean somehow inserting Hunt, Danchekker, and others into these scenarios. My response over the years has been that there doesn't seem to be any way of doing it without some kind of time travel, and since such a possibility was never intimated in any of the four existing books, to introduce it suddenly now would feel unsatisfyingly "hokey."

Then, quite recently, a reader wrote to ask about causal conflicts in the accidental transfer through time of the ships carrying the bad guys in Giants' Star, who later became the Lambians. I sighed with exasperation that he hadn't understood it, and reread the parts myself to refresh my memory before answering. And guess what. It was there all the time— and the theory anticipated too, earlier in the book! I had totally forgotten it.

So the way is clear. We can go with either theme—or something different.

Clearly written with a sequel in mind, with a new mission to return to Earth being prepared in the Epilogue. Many readers have said it's about time we launched it.

The alternate realities provided by the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics offer an endless variety of world where things might have gone differently. A lot of people would like to explore more of them.

The newest out, but letters are already coming in asking for more on the habitat out among the Saturnian moons. Others want a return to Earth to see what the resculpted world looks like, reconstruct what happened in its final days, and meet any survivors. (Jim Baen says there couldn't have been any.) Actually, I had precisely such a trilogy in mind when I wrote CoS, with Vicki as the protagonist of the second book, maybe, and a grown-up Robin included in the mission as the protagonist for the third.

I've also had requests for a follow-up to OUTWARD BOUND telling how Linc Marani made out.

And more micro-robot adventures/mayhem/chaos along the lines of BUG PARK.

To have your say while the chance is there, just hit Feedback and type as the Subject Line:

Giants/ Koriel

Giants Minerva




Outward Bound

Bug Park

Other (elaborate in text)

Additional comments are, of course, always welcome.

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