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August 2, 2004

AIDS Coverage

Another Chink Of Light

Frank Lusardi has drawn attention to the New York Press, July 13, 2004, which has as its front cover feature the story from the letter circulated by the Boston journalist Liam Scheff that I posted a while ago, of orphans and children taken from their mothers being forcibly used as guinea pigs for experimental AIDS drugs, with grotesque and sometimes lethal results. Be warned that it needs a sturdy stomach. Letters received in response to Scheff's piece are posted at nypress.com/17/29/mail/TheMail.cfm, nypress.com/17/30/mail/Mail.cfm and nypress.com/17/31/mail/TheMail.cfm.

The NYP article also tells the story of Christine Maggiore, whose personal experiences with and subsequent research into HIV testing led her to found the organization "Alive and Well." Christine's book What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? is among the initial titles that we've selected to start up the Heretics' Bookstore section of the site. We will be adding to it progressively as time permits.

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