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July 11, 2000

African AIDS

Durban Dissidents

A number of people have asked for my reactions to the current campaign to discredit the dissident line that South African President Mbeki wants to give a hearing to, and also the motives and ability of the President himself. In particular, the much publicized Durban Declaration by 5,000 signatories endorsing the received wisdom.

A point that emerges repeatedly to anyone following this subject over the past several years is how little the defenders of the orthodoxy seem to be aware of beyond drug company and agency handouts, and what's told by the media. The dissenters, by contrast, appear well read, conversant with the facts, and knowledgeable about the background of the statistical and other manipulations that the public is exposed to. That's the opinion that I've formed, anyway. To decide for yourself, a comprehensive response that some of the dissidents have put together to the points raised in the Durban Declaration can be found at: http://thedurbandeclaration.org.
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