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July 10, 2003

Who Will Remember The Deep End?

The Wimpocracy Marches Mindlessly On

To anyone over 20 who grew up in a worthy suburban American town and went through a worthy American childhood, venturing into the deep end of the swimming pool represented a significant moment in life--a symbolic proving of self, where overcoming the fears and doubts associated with those dark, mysterious depths was to cast infancy behind forever and qualify for entry to the adult world of challenge, achievement in the face of adversity, and the opening up of unlimited horizons.

Not anymore. The deep end is vanishing. Cities are filling them in, hotels are redesigning their outdoor amenities, backyard-pool manufacturers are no longer building pools with areas deeper than five feet. All the usual reasons apply. I wonder how many of the next generation will know the exhilaration I felt at age 12 after daring my first vertical pike off the 30-foot-high top board in London's Lime Grove public pool, where we used to go for an hour in the morning before biking to school. Diving? Already banned in most places.

Full article "The End of the Deep End" by Mark Morford in his notes and errata column at SFGate.com

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