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January 18, 2005

Inputs Invited

Remodeling The Web Site

For about a hundred years I've been promising upgrades to the site, which interested and patient readers have inquired about from time to time. Well, after some experiences best forgotten, a fella by the name of Richard Mulligan here in Ireland has joined the team to take care of things, so it seems we'll be going ahead finally. The main projects that we have listed are:

  • Redesigning the entire site to be database-driven. (This in itself won't change much from the user's point of view, but it makes things a lot easier to maintain on the inside.)
  • Merging of ManyWorlds and Heretics into a combined order catalog that will enable us to handle things like third-party shipments (for example, rare titles not listed on amazon), used books, and JPH foreign-language editions.
  • Comprehensive site Search Index.
  • Discussion thread capability for Bulletin Board postings, as well as any other topic that anyone wants to bring up.
But it seems that thousands of heads out there between them might well come up with things that haven't occurred to us. So this is your chance. Comments are welcome regarding likes, don't-likes, suggestions for doing things better, or anything else that you'd like to see. Click here or use one of the site's regular Feedback buttons.
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