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June 18, 2000

Energy Advocate Update

More from the Age of Unreason

There's an old Question that asks, What's the difference between stupidity and intelligence?
A. There are limits to intelligence.

Apparently, it was reported that there were more baseball home runs this year than usual. KKTV (Channel 11, Colorado Springs, Colorado) gave no data on actual counts but jumped straight to the cause by featuring a genius who explained that it was due to global warming. Baseballs bounce better when they're hotter, you see.

The Earth has warmed about 1.0 degree Farenheit during the last century. Practically all of it occurred before 1940, and the general view among scientists who specialize in related fields, as opposed to political advocates and hacks that the media say are scientists, is that it has nothing to do with human activity. But setting that aside, we arrive at an average of a hundredth of a degree increase per year. Now, if that hundredth of a degree is responsible for a perceptible increase in home runs, there must be LOTS more home runs on 90-degree hot days than on 80-degree warm days, right? After all, that's a change 1,000 times as big. And by the same logic, the home-run leading teams would always be in the southern states. Need I say, "Check the statistics"? I guess the New York Yankees are just plain lucky.

The above is from the June issue of Howard Hayden's newsletter The Energy Advocate, which I mentioned in an earlier posting on Energy.

To update the record, Howard has since moved back to Colorado, the new address being:

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