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September 23, 2008

New Hockey "Shtick"

Same Scam

Early in 2005, I posted a piece on the now infamous Hockey Stick graph that was supposed to clinch the man-made global warming case, describing how the statistical manipulations had been rigged to produce the desired result regardless of the data fed in. In a rational world having any genuine interest in truth and reality, the uncovering of such flagrant falsification would have ended the business right there. But, with too much at stake to back down now, and incapable of shame, the alarmists have come back with a re-hacked version purporting to show that the original claims were essentially right after all. For details of the first errors, doubts and questions, see the "Climate Audit" blog at http://www.climateaudit.org/, maintained by Stephen McIntyre, whose meticulous work, along with that of Ross McKitrick, unraveled things the first time around.

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