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April 13, 2008

Black Hole Hokum?

Apparently Not Predicted By The Mathematics At All

Everyone knows that "black holes," resulting from infinitely dense concentrations of mass, were anticipated by the work of Karl Schwarzchild, right? And numerous astronomical observations since have been interpreted in such terms and offered as confirmation of the existence of said objects. Well, according to Australian Stephen Crothers, the "Schwarzchild" solution cited universally in papers and textbooks is not due to Schwarzchild at all, whose paper contains nothing indicative of black holes, but to David Hilbert, who derived it from a solution first published by Johannes Droste in May, 1916. But in the process Hilbert made an error, and a correct reading of Droste yields nothing on black holes either. Likewise, Marcel Brillouin published a paper in 1923 that demonstrates the impossibility of such objects, but it has been ignored.

Titles of papers by Crothers on this and related issues include:

Relativistic Geometry and its Implications for Black Holes and Cosmology
Presentation at the IXth International Conference, SPACE, TIME & GRAVITATION, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 7-11 2006. Expounds the fundamental geometry of Einstein's gravitational field and indicates the fatal consequences for the theories of black holes and big bangs

A Brief History of Black Holes
An account of the historical development of the idea of the black hole, verifiable by the literature, showing how General Relativity has been incorrectly used to obtain it.

On the General Solution to Einstein's Vacuum Field and its Implications for Relativistic Degeneracy
A derivation of the general solution for the simple "point-mass." Demonstrates that the Hilbert solution (incorrectly called the "Schwarzschild solution" in the bulk of the literature) does not admit a black hole, and that a black hole cannot be derived from Schwarzschild's true solution without violating the geometry of his solution.

A Short Discussion of Relativistic Geometry
Gives a simple explanation of the geometrical structure of the line element and the geometrical form of spacetime, and indicates the fatal consequences for black holes and conventional cosmology.

Crothers' challenges to the orthodox theory has involved him in an ongoing battle with generally acknowledged authorities in the field, in the process of which he was expelled from Ph.D. candidature by the University of New South Wales. An account of his experiences, along with a full list of his papers and a compilation of principal references is posted at http://www.sjcrothers.plasmaresources.com/index.html

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