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June 12, 2000

African AIDS Advisory Panel

Support for President Mbeki

After the earlier post giving my response to readers who asked what I thought of the media hysteria over AIDS in South Africa, President Mbeki's decision to include representatives from the dissident side of the story among his advisors comes as a breath of fresh air. Predictably, we're now seeing a campaign to dismiss them as an unqualified fringe element peddling discredited ideas. Well, below is a list of the invitations to the Presidential Advisory Panel. Judge for yourself.

A petition supporting President Mbeki can be found at http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/news/mbeki.htm and has already drawn signatures from people in 58 countries.

Some people have asked if the publicity being given currently to the mainstream line has caused me to modify my views. The answer is no. As with classical cases of a dogma being questioned, it takes the form of ridicule, invective, personal attacks, and demands for suppression of opposing views, rather than any substantial addressing of the issues being raised. Anyone wanting a good overview of the dissident case should try visiting the Rethinking Aids Website http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/ and perhaps begin with their 18-stop introductory tour.


1. Prof. Salim Abdool-Karim. Head of the HIV/AIDS Research Unit, Medical Research Council, Republic of South Africa

2. Prof. Harvey Bialy, Editor Bio/Technology, New York, NY. Editor of Nature Biotechnology, a major publication for the whole bio tech field, and an HIV dissident of long standing.

3. Dr. Stephen Chindawari, Director of the Blair Institute of Research, Zimbabwe [Facilitator]

4. Dr. Stefano Bertozzi

5. Prof. Etienne De Harven , Prof. Emiritus of Pathology, Univ. of Toronto, former Electronmicroscopist at the Sloan Kettering Institute, NY. Prominent spokesman for the dissident cause, particularly knowledgeable about the electron microscope photos of the "deadly virus." Available at the web site www.virusmyth.com/aids/.

6. Dr. Ann Duerr, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, US

7. Prof. Peter Duesberg, Prof. Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Berkeley. Probably the most famous name associated with the dissident movement.

8. Dr. Christian Fiala, Specialist Physican with experience in the African AIDS situation, Vienna, Austria. Questions the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and can be considered to be on the dissident side. He published a critical book in German about that issue and also an article in a magazine called New African. If the article is still on the web, it can be viewed under members.aol.com/nuejo61/dokus/afrika1.htm

9. Dr. Helene Gayle, Director, Nat'l. Center of HIV/AIDS and TB Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA A frequent spokesperson for the HIV lobby.

10. Dr. Roberto Giraldo, MD, Specialist in Infectious and Tropical Disease, New York, USA. Organized a major conference in South America questioning the orthodox theory.

11. Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, Clinical Pharmacologist, Emeritus Fellow. Cochrane Centre, United Kingdom

12. Dr. Klaus Koehnlein, AIDS Practitioner, critical analyst with very practical experiences in treating AIDS patients in Africa. German friend of Peter Duesberg. Is a dissident and recently went to India with Roberto Giraldo. He has practical experience in treating AIDS patients in Germany.

13. Dr. D. Kathari, Professor Emeritus, Seth Medical College, Bombay, India

14. Dr. Clifford Lane, Director: Nat'l. Institutes of Health, Washington, DC, USA

15. Prof. Malegapuru Makgoba, President, Medical Research Council, Republic of South Africa

16. Prof. Fred Mhalu, Prof. Of Microbiology and Immunology. Dean of the faculty of medicine, Muhimbili, Univ. College of Health Sciences, Dares-Salaam, Tanzania

17. Prof. Sam Mhlongo, Chief Specialist and Head, Dept. of Family Medicine, Medical Univ. of Southern Africa, RSA. Affiliated with the relatively new "AIDS dissident" organization in South Africa, the Forum for Debating AIDS South Africa (FDASA).

18. Prof. Ephraim Mokgokong, Chancellor of the Medical Univ. of Southern Africa, RSA [Facilitator]

19. Prof. Luc Montagnier, Professor and Director, Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Paris, France. At one time he was in trouble with the HIV establishment because of his insistence that HIV alone could not cause AIDS, but compromised by taking his own line on the elusive "cofactors."

20. Dr. Stephen Owen, Prof. Of Law and Public Policy, Univ. of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada [Facilitator-in-Chief]

21. Prof. Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Biophysicist, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia. Prominent member of the Perth group, which denies that HIV has ever been isolated or conclusively identified as a retrovirus.

22. Dr. Ramesh S. Paranjape, Office in Charge and Acting Director, National AIDS Research Institute, Pune, Mahareshtra, India. One of the doctors Giraldo and Koehnlein met when they were in India. Said to be very critical about the whole issue.

23. Dr. George Perez, AIDS Expert from Havana, Cuba

24. Prof. Wally Prozesky, Chief of the South African Vaccine Initiative, Republic of South Africa

25. Prof. David Rasnick, Molecular Pharmacologist, Alameda, California. Duesberg's chief colleague for several years, and a very active advocate for HIV skepticism.

26. Mr. Dave Scondras, MA, MS, USA

27. Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, Greenwich Village, New York City physician whose practice in the late 70s/early 80s included some of the original cases. A figure at dissident conferences throughout the years but remains somewhat more accepted by the establishment. Favors a multi-factorial analysis.

28. Dr. Zena Stein, Director: Division of Epidemiology, Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Univ., New York, NY

29. Prof. Gordon Stewart, Prof. Emeritus of Public Health, Univ. of Manchester, England. Former WHO Advisor on AIDS. A distinguished senior epidemiologist who has critiqued much of the statistical flim-flam of AIDS without fully embracing the Duesberg or Perth group line.

30. Dr. Val Turner, Physician, published articles on the AIDS dogma. Another member of the Perth group, author of several important articles available at the web sites.

31. Dr. Stefano Vella, Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome, Italy

32. Dr. Carolyn Williamson, Republic of South Africa

33. Dr. Jose M. Zuniga, IAPAC, USA

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