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December 19, 2007

Bring Back The USA

Unabashed Political Message

A couple of months ago, I was somewhat astonished by the number of Americans I talked to and heard from who hadn't heard of Ron Paul, and was thinking of posting a few words to help give him a bit more visibility. But judging from more recent developments, that situation appears to have changed appreciably. Without the mega-campaign apparatus that has come to be regarded as obligatory, or big-league PR operations to manage the image and smear opponents, has just set a recordfor collecting the largest tally of contributions to a presidential campaign in a 24-hour period ever, surpassing his own previous record of November 5. This in turn beat John Kerry’s record that came two days after the Super Tuesday primaries in 2004, making Paul’s effort the largest single day online fund raising effort in history by a presidential candidate. And it didn't come from war contractors buying into a continuing lucrative future of carnage and destruction, foreign powers advancing their own anti-U.S. agendas, or corporate predators in search of new hunting grounds, but tens of thousands of individuals spread across all the usual dividing lines of age, race, color, income group, and social class, expressing something deeper that they held in common. The average contribution was a little over $100.

Paul first caught my attention a while ago by standing for the things I agree with that American conservatism used to mean--honesty; integrity; self-reliance; individual dignity and freedom; constitutional law at home and staying out of other peoples' business abroad--before the word was hijacked and inverted to become an Orwellesque parody of its opposite. Then, when the mainstream conduits of groupthink that I reflexively disbelieve reacted at first with the non-person treatment, and then, when it became clear that he wasn't going to go away and couldn't be ignored, with the predictable mud slinging and distortions, I knew that something unique and important was happening, that those who have turned the America of the 1970s that I came to and admired into what the rest of the world condemns and despises today were getting very afraid of. From what I read or Paul's re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party, a lot of others seem to feel the same way too.

I get a lot of mail asking why this century couldn't have gone the way I described in Inherit the Stars. I guess it would take another book to touch upon all the reasons. But I think that getting someone like Ron Paul in charge would be a giant step toward getting the world back onto that kind of track. So I sent in my own check too, even though I don't live in the States anymore--because what it does and where it goes is important to the future of everyone. Ron Paul's Home Page. The url for donations is https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/

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