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November 21, 2007

Getting Away From It All

Undersea Colonies

Perhaps the ultimate answer for those seriously worried that global warming is going to inundate the planet. Alex Michael Bonnici, a US expatriate now living in Malta, drew my attention to an interesting Undersea Colony Project inaugurated by Dennis Chamberland, for which Alex has been appointed the European Union Liaison. The following is from his introductory note:

There is a whole kingdom that lies uninhabited just beneath us. While we live crowded and struggling on a mere 59 million square miles of dry land, this new territory of certain promise spreads out before our very eyes and unfolds to encompass an astonishing 138 million cubic miles of habitable space! I am speaking of the oceans--whose human population is now and has always been zero. While there a few military men ply beneath the waves in submarines, they have no seafloor base to call home and they are always moving and temporary visitors without even a window from which to peer out. I am speaking of a human colony--a human undersea city--a permanent dwelling place for people and even families. Today it is but fantasy, as it has always been. But no more. As of today, the dream of permanently settling the undersea regions of our earth has taken wings.This is the site of the Atlantica I and II Expeditions that will establish the first human undersea colony. We do not intent to establish a base or an outpost, but a human colony. Soon, beneath the sea, families will live and work. Children will go to school. A new generation of children will be born there--the first citizens of a new ocean civilization.
Full information at http://underseacolony.com/prime/.

It strikes me, on thinking about it, that they should perhaps consider drawing some of the initial population from among the residents here in Ireland west of the Shannon. Being accustomed to a somewhat watery environment overhead for much of the time would make them pre-adapted on the grounds of natural acclimatization, and so less prone to pyschological and emotional stresses that might adversely affect transplants from places like southern California, with consequent impairment of efficiency and attendant risks to all concerned. Just a thought. (Further consultancy available at reasonable rates.)

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