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June 10, 1997

Environmental Lunacies

Good Book

A great new book has been brought to my attention: "Environmentalism Gone Berserk," details from Mike Oliver, e-mail mco@sierra.net

Among other things, read:

  • how the EPA falsified studies on sulfur dioxide emissions
  • a single fact that shows CFCs _can't_ be responsible for the seasonal ozone "hole" over Antarctica
  • by a professor of climatology, why the theory that CFCs deplete ozone is incompatible with what we _know_ about the ozone layer.
  • there is no evidence for global warming. The Greenland ice sheet has actually thickened by two meters since it was first measured by laser altimetry in 1980. Satellite measurements show no evidence for warming.
  • fears of a "greenhouse effect" from man-made increases in carbon dioxide are baseless. Water vapor accounts naturally for over 90 percent of the greenhouse action that keeps the Earth's climate benign. Eliminating _all_ of mankind's carbon dioxide emissions would have an insignificant effect on global climate.
  • In India, the death toll from malaria alone rose from 200,000 to over 3 million annually after the banning of DDT. At the hearings that resulted in banning DDT, no evidence was introduced that even one person had ever dies because of DDT. The scientific advisory committee were unanimous in concluding that there was no evidence to justify such a ban. The EPA secretary presiding admitted later that he didn't read the committee's report, because the decision had already been made on "political" grounds.
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