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September 30, 2007

A Tale Of Two Constitutions

Democracy For Some, And Democracy For All

If the present U.S. Administration sets out to demonize someone, it's a pretty safe bet that the someone is doing something right. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is someone who I think is doing a lot of things right, and sure enough it's hard to find anything good associated with him in the mainstream Pavlovian mind-conditioning business.

Stephen Lendman has written an interesting piece entitled "America And Venezuela - Constitutional Worlds Apart," that compares constitutions of the two countries and comments on the effects their differences have on the kinds of society that result. In the former case, he systematically deconstructs the founding legal document of the United States, separating myth from reality to contrast what people are taught it delivers with what they actually get, while in the latter, finding a not perfect but rapidly improving model of what a participatory democracy should be. Major pieces of Venezuelan legislation are put to a popular referendum, and the people have the power of veto. Try telling that to those in "democracies" that can be lied to, robbed blind, and dragged into criminal wars that 80% don't want.

The opening paragraph reads:

Although imperfect, no country anywhere is closer to a model democracy than Venezuela under President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. In contrast, none is a more shameless failure than America, but it was true long before the age of George W. Bush. The difference under his regime is that the mask is off revealing a repressive state masquerading as a democratic republic. This article compares the constitutional laws of each country and how they're implemented. The result shows world's apart differences between these two nominally democratic states - one that's real, impressive and improving and the other that's mostly pretense and under George Bush lawless, corrupted, in tatters, and morally depraved.
Full article at http://www.rense.com/general77/amcon.htm

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