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July 13, 2007

AIDS Down Under

A Word For The Perth Group

Recent months saw the Parenzee case in Australia, re-enacting the depressingly familiar scenario of a criminal prosecution based on knowingly exposing a partner to the "risk of HIV." David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society has assembled a collection of papers pertaining to the case at http://garlan.org/Cases/Parenzee/index.php What made this instance noteworthy, to the extent of provoking the rushing in of a formidable lineup of Establishment authority figures and a virtual news blackout in other parts of the world, was the appearance of members of the "Perth Group" as expert witnesses for the defense. These researchers have for a long time challenged the orthodox line on AIDS, in particular with regard to whether HIV has ever been truly isolated according to the standards traditionally demanded by virology, and hence whether a transmissible, infectious agent is involved in causing the various conditions lumped together as "AIDS" at all, and also with regard to the specificity of the tests used to establish its existence.

The result was probably predictable, ruling in favor of the prosecution with a request for appeal denied, the stated grounds being that the defense witnesses were not recognized as AIDS experts and were not qualified to testify. However, it's interesting to note how often true breakthroughs in scientific thinking have been led by outsiders to the field, especially when indoctrination with the shared paradigm has resulted in collective myopia among the dominant in-group. I thought it might be revealing, therefore, to ignore the disparaging remarks heard from the heights and bandied around in the media, and draw attention to what the Group have actually said, and the material they back it up with-- and let readers form their own opinions. Among the Perth Group's papers that I've read and thought warranted serious consideration and response, rather than ridicule and offhand dismissal, are:

Has Gallo Proven the Role of HIV in AIDS?
An analysis of the seminal papers published in Science in 1984 that are widely accepted as "the" proof. It concludes that the evidence does not constitute proof of the isolation of a retrovirus, that the virus is exogenous, or that the virus is causally related to AIDS.

Reappraisal of Aids: Is the Oxidation Induced by the Risk Factors the Primary Cause?
An examination of the emergence of AIDS as a recognizable syndrome, its epidemiology, the clinical and laboratory data and how they have been interpreted, that finds there is no compelling reason for preferring the hypothesis of a viral cause. As an alternative, it suggests the activity of agents that expose bodily cells to oxidative stress, which is found to be a common factor in all the groups universallyl recognized as being at risk.

Is a Positive Western Blot Proof of HIV Infection?
Questions the currently accepted dogma that a positive WB antibody test is synonymous with HIV infection and the attendant risk of developing AIDS, on the grounds that: (a) the antibody tests are not standardised; (b) are not reproducible; (c) the WB proteins (bands) which are considered to be coded by the HIV genome and to be specific to HIV may not be coded by the HIV genome and may in fact represent normal cellular proteins; (d) even if the proteins are specific to HIV, because no gold standard has been used and may not even exist to determine specificity, a positive WB may represent nothing more than cross-reactivity with the many non-HIV antibodies present in AIDS patients and those at risk, and thus be unrelated to the presence of HIV.

AIDS in Africa: Distinguishing Fact and Fiction
Contends that the symptoms and diseases being attributed to recently introduced HIV infection are long standing in Africa, and the presence of positive HIV serology in Africans represents no more than cross-reactivity caused by an abundance of antibodies induced by the numerous infectious and parasitic diseases which are endemic in those regions.

The Perth Group's home page is at http://www.theperthgroup.com/index.shtml

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