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June 3, 1998

What's SNU?

Couldn't resist it

I've come across a wonderful piece of trivia. A Solar Neutrino Unit, by which is measured the detection rate of neutrinos emitted by the sun, is defined as 10-36 captures per 37Cl Atom per second. And obviously it would be abbreviated to the acronym "SNU."

So now, the next time somebody asks you "What's new?" you'll be able, gleefully, to tell them.

[Actually, I read a great book recently by a German physicist at Keil University, (Bagge, Erich R., 1994, World and Antiworld as Physical Reality, Haag & Herchen GmbH, Frankfurt, Ger.) making a convincing case that some self-delusion is at work here, and solar neutrinos don't exist at all. Will be happy to elaborate a little on his reasons why if many are interested.]

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