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April 4, 2007

Carl Zapffe Paper

And A New Relativity Dissident Site


Back in 1999 I posted a request for contact information regarding the estate of the late Carl Zapffe, whose wonderful monograph A Reminder on E = m.C2 I wanted to include in a list of sources on Relativity dissidents. The paper compares attempts to detect an "ether wind" inside the Earth's magnetosphere that travels with it around the Sun to trying to measure the airspeed of a plane with the pitot tube inside the cabin. Also, it presents five different ways of deriving the Einstein mass-energy equation using purely classical methods. Many members of his family kindly contacted me, but it seemed that there were no firm plans in hand for the reprint rights to be acquired by anyone, and so I was unable to direct interested readers to it.

However, I recently heard from Harry H. Ricker III President of New Millenium Electrodynamics, who tells me that he has received permission to republish Dr. Zapffe's papers on the internet so that they can be made more readily available to todays generation of researchers. The paper can be found at The General Science Journal at http://www.wbabin.net

Carl's paper is listed under C. A. Zapffe, H.H. Ricker III as "Mar. 3, 2007: Dr. Carl A. Zapffe: On Mass-Energy Equivalence, Mass Increase, Muon Decay and Time Dilation" and appears along with "Mar. 3, 2007: Introduction to Dr. Carl A. Zapffe's Classic Paper" Direct url for download is http://www.wbabin.net/science/rickerzap.pdf

Harry states that site has become one of the most active in promoting scientific discussion of the theory of relativity, and that he is planning to publish other papers by Dr Zapffe.

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