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March 15, 2006

The Global Warming Doctrine

The February 21, 2006 issue of Benny Peiser's Cambridge Conference Network newsletter (subscribe free) carries an article entitled "The Anthropogenic Global Warming Doctrine" by Dr Gerrit J. van der Lingen, an "independent scientist," published in the Newsletter of the Geological Society of New Zealand, November 2005. Dr. van der Lingen explains the term as meaning: "not being dependent for one's livelihood on research funding from the public purse controlled by politicians for whom the AGW scare is a godsend."

Some quotes:

  • "I have been collecting some of the insults levelled at AGW sceptics: cash-amplified flat-earth pseudo-scientists; the carbon cartel; villains; refuseniks lobby; polluters; a powerful and devious enemy; deniers; profligates; crank scientists. The list is endless. I remember the reaction of a Canadian scientist who dared to ask critical questions at a meeting on global warming. He was totally taken aback by the virulent reaction, "it was as if I was back in the Middle Ages and had denied the Virgin Birth". A common slur is also that all sceptics are in the pockets of the oil industry."
  • "The global warming debate has left the realm of science a long time ago. It has become totally politicised. Any scientific criticism is not met with a scientific response, but with name-calling and a stepping up of the scare tactics."
  • "A favourite ploy by AGW alarmists is to repeat ad infinitem that the science about AGW has been settled and that there is consensus among scientists that it is happening and that it will have cataclysmic consequences for our planet. People using these consensus arguments forget that scientific truth is not determined by consensus. But apart from being unscientific, the consensus argument is also a myth."
  • "Unfortunately, none of us [independent scientists] is 'in the pockets of the oil industry'. Unfortunately, because I could do with some extra pocket money." [Me too -- JPH]
  • "McIntyre and McKitrick found serious flaws and deliberate manipulation of data in the methods used by MBH98 to obtain their Hockey Stick. They even found that the statistical methods used by MBH98 always produces a hockey stick shaped graph, even when random numbers are used."
  • "The reason why the Hockey Stick is so important is the fact that it tries to do away with the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (and further back with the Dark Ages Cold Period and the Roman Warm Period). Those natural climate fluctuations are an embarrassment to the hypothesis that mankind is mainly to blame for the present warming. In its first Scientific Assessment Report (1990), the IPCC still had a temperature graph showing the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. It is now clear in the 2001 report that the IPCC has deliberately eliminated these natural climate fluctuations with sleight of hand."
  • "It does not matter how often independent scientists point out that CO2 is not a pollutant but a plant fertilizer and an essential ingredient for life on earth, they keep repeating this mantra."
  • "It is clear that the politicising of climate science has resulted in an abandoning of good scientific practice and ethics. Any critical scientific discussion of the science behind the AGW doctrine is shouted down, ridiculed or ostracised."
  • "More studies are coming out about the role of the sun in climate change and several groups are revisiting the theory of greenhouse gases, especially the role of carbon dioxide . . ."

Full text at www.nbr.co.nz/home/column_article.asp?id=14429&cid=18&cname=Opinion.

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