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July 24, 2005


Sidewalk Virtual Reality

Years ago, when I lived in London, I remember being awed by the skill of some of the pavement artists who work with colored chalks. True, turning out the same work over and over, sometimes for years, can get you to the point where it's almost automatic, but nevertheless the fidelity of things like reproductions of old master paintings could be astounding.

Now an English artist called Julian Beever is causing something of a sensation in major European cities by adding a new dimension--literally--to the subject. He has a knack for drawing pictures in such a way that when viewed from the correct angle they take on an uncanny 3-D realism that has passers-by walking around what appear to be solid objects in their path, and warily avoiding areas of removed paving blocks that exist only in perspective on the unbroken surface. Worth visiting www.rense.com/general67/street.htm to see some examples.

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