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April 28, 2005

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More Electric Universe

Interesting article archived at David Talbott's "Thunderbolts" web site on Titan and its Rilles. It shows an image from the Huygens Titan probe that is conventionally interpreted by analogy with familiar Earthly process and concluded to be "river beds" cut by liquid erosion, and so forth. The case is presented, however, that if such preconceptions are not allowed to get in the way, the evidence is more simply and clearly explained as channels blasted by cosmic electrical discharges, testifying to a comparatively recent, electrical birth of the moon.

Other Huygens findings examined in ways that challenge the orthodox explanation include:

  • Escaping methane. Not supplied by vast methane oceans, but the continuing loss of primordial natal methane acquired from Saturn by an atmosphere not yet in equilibrium. (I guess that knocks Code of the Lifemaker on the head!)
  • Absence of large craters. A surprise to models that assume Titan to be billions of years old, but to be expected if craters are the result not of impacts but electric arc "machining."
  • Enhanced atmospheric content of heavy nitrogen and argon isotopes. Titan would have had to lose an atmosphere equivalent to that of a gas giant to achieve the observed ratios over billions of years. The Electric model attributes heavy isotopes and radioactive species to cosmic-scale "plasma gun" effect discharges, which afford a copious source of neutrons.

The piece comments:

The history of science, like the history of religion, illustrates all too well how established ideas and vested interests can foster a contraction of vision. The result is ideology, and ideology obstructs our ability to interpret new and unexpected information.
All in all, "Thunderbolts" Archives provide a goldmine of information on the Electric Universe theory and claims of its vindication by ongoing space-probe findings and astronomical observations. A few titles selected from the list:

Electric Craters on Planets and Moons

Impossible Dinosaurs

The Electrified Atmosphere of Venus

On Mars Things Only Get More Weird

The Scars of Planetary Violence

Electric Arcs in Planetary Science

Plasma Formations in the Ancient Sky

Electric Comet

Electric Stars

The Electric Glow of the Sun

I must confess that the proposition put forward in the last two examples caused me to raise my eyebrows when I first came across it--it has to be one of the most extreme challenges to something that "everyone knows" to have arisen in recent times. But I found that after making the effort to recognize and set aside my own preconceptions, the case becomes more fascinating and persuasive. For a deeper insight to the physics involved, see the papers by the late Ralph Juergens posted in several issues of the Thoth newsletter.

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