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February 19, 2005

Kicking The Sacred Cow

Missing References

Professor Henry Bauer of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University collects the award for being the first to spot that we goofed in the "References and Further Reading" section of Kicking the Sacred Cow (Hardback Edition, July, 2004). On page 354, the reference citations that should have been listed after "Ransom, Steven, and Phillip Day, 2000 . . ." somehow evaporated. About a page and a half of material is missing. There's little we can do now apart from making sure that it is included in the mass-market paperback -- release date to be announced. However, for anyone needing them, the omitted references are posted below.

Apologies to all. And thanks to Professor Bauer and the others who have drawn attention to this.

KICKING THE SACRED COW -- Hardback Edition, July, 2004

The following entries were inadvertently omitted. They should have followed "Ransom, Steven, and Phillip Day, 2000 . . ." Page 354
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