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May 10, 2002

More On Electrical Effects

Maybe Hints Of Bigger Things To Come

Following my posting on Gravity from Electromagnetism, Neil Dupree drew my attention to some interesting work that's going on involving the direct conversion of various forms of electrical energy to kinetic energy without moving parts. Not quite the kind of thing I had in mind when posting the previous material, but unconventional approaches with promising possible implications for propulsion and energy sources. A good introduction is a page headed EHD/EAD Electrogravitics Researches and Experiments at jnaudin.free.fr/html/advprop.htm put out by JLN Labs. See also other sites under searches for Biefeld-Brown Effect.

All things have to start somewhere. If these experiments with models and aluminum shapes are thought of as possible forerunners in the way toy balloons were to the turbofan and the Saturn V, or lifting tea-kettle lids to the steam turbine, who knows what might come of it?

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