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January 14, 2004


Books For The Impaired And Disabled

Mark Luljak has written to draw attention to the services of Bookshare.org, who make books accessible in special formats for the visually disabled -- including, he tells me, some amazing screen-reading voice software.

From the site's introduction:

Bookshare.org dramatically increases access to books for the community of visually impaired and otherwise print disabled individuals. This online community enables book scans to be shared, thereby leveraging the collections of thousands of individuals who regularly scan books, eliminating significant duplication of effort. Bookshare.org takes advantage of a special exemption in the U.S. copyright law that permits the reproduction of publications into specialized formats for the disabled.

Fifteen JPH titles are included in the collection.

Edited 09-Oct-2005 by JPH site administrators.
Since the publication of this Bulletin Board post, BookShare.Org have added more James P Hogan titles.
As of October 2005, their JPH listings are as follows :

Kicking the Sacred Cow: Questioning the Unquestionable and Thinking the Impermissible
Cradle of Saturn
Star Child
Thrice Upon A Time
Voyage From Yesteryear
Outward Bound
The Two Faces Of Tomorrow
The Multiplex Man
The Legend That Was Earth
The Genesis Machine
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede
The Immortality Option
The Proteus Operation
Inherit the Stars
Endgame Enigma
Code of the Lifemaker
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