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Yes, We Have No Bahamas? February 11, 2010
Rising Floods Of AGW Non-science

Vive La Difference! February 5, 2010
When Intelligence Becomes Illegal

Ingenious Word Games January 24, 2010
Assume Weird Going On

Danger--Reality Ahead January 4, 2010
EPA's Evasive Action

End To The Global Warming Fraud? November 29, 2009
It Should Be--But I Wouldn't Bet On It

Mad Goat Attack November 12, 2009
One Of The Perils Of Life On The Farm

Global Warming's Agenda October 20, 2009
No Finite Resources; Just Finite Thinking

High-Seas Piracy: Them And Us October 12, 2009
The Usual Double Standard

Nuclear Nervousness October 1, 2009
Nukes Are Friendlier And Don't Have To Be Big

Ireland's Lisbon Referendum September 24, 2009
And Why I'll Be Voting NO Again

The Dating Game July 6, 2009
Another One For Number Trivia Buffs

Prophetic Parallels? April 29, 2009
When People Are Pushed Too Far

Animal Diaries April 1, 2009
What Do Pets Tell Us About Their Owners?

Global Warming Was Never A Crisis March 16, 2009
The Conference You Didn't Hear About

News Unworthy? January 26, 2009
Some Takes From The "Uncontrolled Stream"

What Consensus? December 21, 2008
But The Chant Goes On

Radioactivity and Transmutation December 9, 2008
An Electrical Connection

Q. What's Black and White and Tells Bad Jokes? December 9, 2008
A. A Punguin

A Matter of Fact? November 17, 2008
Alternative Galaxy Glues

A Matter Of Free Speech November 5, 2008
And Hypocrisy Among Nations

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